Science means research and doctrine , means handing down of science and the search for knowledge. Science is multifaceted - and science is an economic factor.

Science is a significant factor of image and success for the society itself, for particular parts of groups, for profit or non-profit enterprises and for individual persons.

We are aware of the difficulties but also of the possibilities in these fields by our far reaching experience in international scientific and sociopolitical circles.

Our activities in consulting extend over the individual career planning and over the mentoring after the foundation of universities and the accompanying profile sharpening of single institutes up to the realization of the networking of economy, science and society.

The intention: we contribute by our juridical, political, pedagogical and scientific expertise, to open to the sciences and to make progress with it spaces of participation, living and working in our society.

Example modules:

  • Work out the meaning of social trends and development of the accordant study courses
  • Foundation of academies of enterprises
  • Sharpening of image and profile for universities and institutes
  • Patents
  • Individual counselling for example at international transactions
  • Consulting in studies and promotion in international and national context
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