The method to moderate has its origin in the environment of universities and business counsellors in the late 60's and early 70's.

The business consultants Eberhard Schnell and Karin Klebert and Einhard Schrader developed the methods as an expression of conversation orientated on co-determination. Until this day performances and discussions have been used predominantly as structures of conversation.

  • Therefore moderation means a method to lead team groups.
  • Moderation is also a method of cooperation and a method to elaborate together learning contents, subjects, problems and social procedures.
  • Moderation gains a result for the group. It causes opinion formation and decision-making of the group.
  • Moderation is a systematic and structured procedure using the abilities and the knowledge of several persons.
  • The moderator knows his job and the way to create meaningful and successful.
  • Conversation between persons.
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