Supervision has its origin in helping the poor in American large cities at the beginning of the 20th century. It was used in Germany too, firstly to support the members of social professions. In the meantime this instrument of consulting is inserted into the different areas of the world of work.

Our understanding of supervision

Personnel development
Supervision is an instrument to consult the personal development of specialists. It inspires potentials and raises resources.

Increase in Performance
Supervision increases the performance of individuals, groups, teams and organisations.

Co-operative management of change
Supervision manages the change "bottom-up"

Collective search of motion
Supervision is a concerted reflection of the supervisor and the supervised having the aim to ameliorate communication and co-operation.

Illumination of the everyday working life
Subjects of the supervision are situations, problems and conflicts coming out of the working life. Psychical, institutional and social factors are reflected.

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