Our society is in a particularly ambivalent position at present. Youthfulness, productivity and an ageless perfection are stylized more and more to one of the most important values. At the same time our society, however, is aging and demonstrates to us a completely different image of the future.

The term “socio-demographic alteration” is still haunting people’s minds as an insufficient bogey in the media coverage. But concrete offers or solutions are mentioned very seldom.

Our society is aging and is therefore taking up a challenge for politicians, providers of service and products in equal measure. Because the “new seniors” do have a different point of view today and do have special demands and expectations to their living conditions and creative activity. Employers, economy, politics and service providers are increasingly challenged to cope with this requirements and potentials of this new target group and they are not to block these needs.

Because of our long-lasting experience within the fields of life-accompanying consulting and supporting of the scientific research and doctrine in the scope of Gerontology and Consultancy of Policy, Management and Organization we know the appearing specific questions and necessities. Our performance in consulting involves inter alia the figuration of offers and products being aimed at by the target groups, financial and judicial aspects as well as solutions for an age-based living and working.

For example modules

  • consultancy for profit- and non-profit institutions
  • participation, integration, anti-discrimination of aging and elderly persons in the economy
  • future-oriented living-quality of elder and growing older persons
  • demand and need-oriented consulting and marketing for persons from the age of 50 years up
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