The employees of our customers are important to us. Tact and sensitivity are needed for the introduction of steps for their personnel development. Therefore we offer more than strategic consulting for enterprises and institutions. Additionally we lend them a helping hand in operative tools and proposals for communication and implementation according to their needs.

Phases of personnel development

1. Personnel planning
Personnel planning means a continuous suiting of the aims of the organisations to the necessary human resources .We support our clients in the analysis of their needs and the drawing-up of adequate profiles for their fields of activities.

2. Personnel procurement
We support enterprises in procuring employees that fit their requests and their organisations. We make a contribution to conversations for hiring, assessment centres, tests for recruitment, and concepts for installing new members of the organisation.

3. Performance appraisal
The result of assessment serves the transparency, stimulates the efficiency and engagement and prevents miscasts. We elaborate with our clients significant concepts for evaluation.

4. Advanced education and encouragement
The need of steps for qualification follows from an agreement as arranged with employees and executives. We consult and accompany the analysis of the need and we support enterprises and institutions in the selection of modules for the education, seminars and workshops. Additionally we offer trainings related to practise and coaching for executives for the individual, professional orientation.

5. Assessment of appropriation and potential development
Personnel development includes besides short-time methods for education a long-term ranged and consistent encouragement of the potentials of the staff. We put the suitable instruments for the appropriation of usage, potential and career development at our clients' disposal. Enterprises and institutions classify continuous upgrades of abilities, skills, know-how and characteristics of their employees with our help. This facilitates targeted programs for encouragement and career for the successors, candidates, or high potentials for the top management.

6. Evaluation of quota and actual inventory
A controlling of quota and actual inventory of the profiles of the jobs or the employees leads back to the starting point of personnel development. Interviews of the employees and special methods of analysing make a contribution and correction of the activities of the personnel development possible.

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