Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is a complicated term for a simple subject that really should go without saying:

   responsible entrepreneurial action going over and above the minimum
   in the fields of economy, environment and the social matters

Business enterprises contribute to a future-endowing society by the concept of CSR.
This contribution arises from the voluntary engagement of the respective enterprise and springs from initiative and responsibility of one's own.

CSR means to assume responsibility for ...

   ... the own economic action and its consequences
   ... the society where the own entrepreneurial acting is embedded
   ... people working in the own enterprise or being connected with it
   ... the nature and the natural resources of the production and commerce spaces

This is to be regarded in particular, if enterprises do not only act nationally but also internationally by commerce and direct investment . Just the contact to emerging and developing nations, often containing production centres, should be affected by responsible acting to a positive social development and to possibly arising legal problems.

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