Family mediation

Even when partners have decided to part, often sordid details get under way. Pains, fear of the future (dt.:Zukunftsangst) and mourning about long ago halcyon days occur as well .

Firstly both partners can apply themselves to each other. After a while rectified interests often come into play. The education of common children are both - mother and father quite close to the heart . Most of the topics of the mediation of parting and divorce are:
  • Parenthood and further familiar relations
  • Proportioning of the family income
  • Apportionment of assets and liabilities
  • Old age provisions
  • Compensation for the household effects/furniture
  • Clearing of the residential situation
Heritage and (follow-up regulation ) settlement of succession

The death of a member of the family deletes sometimes even the other connections within the family. Siblings are in controversy about the heritage , potential former partners appear having claims. In the family business a suitable regulation of succession is present. Even here mediation gives help to avoid a complete discord between the members of the family. Long-held wishes, the feeling to be treated unjustly, until now kept secret problems, all these topics are trustfully involved into the mediation. The participants are released frank and free for constructive solutions.

Business and economy mediation

Economic damages. Now and then there are very expensive faults arising from the execution of orders with contract partners. Not always it is to be clarified, how the damages occurred. It is extremely uncertain which of the contracting partners would gain his rights at law .Even the cooperation in future is at stake. A procedure of mediation offers the most efficient solution. Firstly the managers could vent their anger in a constructive dialogue of mediation and then agree on the consequences of the damage step by step.

Work and Organisation Conflicts

For example a trade dispute between executives and employees
A change of the executives will carry new standards of performance in a department. Employees do not fulfil their new tasks, and in the worst case motivation and performance suffer from.

For example in/between overlapping spheres of teams
Besides co-operation disturbances often occur in overlapping teams - in rehabilitation institutions, in hospitals, in the producing business and in the service-industries.

For example disputes about budgets
The distribution of resources in short supply involves flammatory stuff, in view of the compulsion to rationalize. Afterwards often a conflict enflames between the divisional management or between the controlling department and one of the responsibilities

In all these disputes mediation provides valuable services having a long-lasting effect. It is often helpful to hear all the persons involved and to hold their interests in high esteem. Mostly the participants even meet mutual problems in the course of the mediation procedure .The results are regulations taking care of the resources. The personal interests remain as well preserved as the economic interests.

Conflicts in the neighbourhood/Commonwealth

Initiatives of citizens
A city council looks for a location for a silo, an antenna for mobile radio or another construction project. The after all chosen situation meets with the resistance of the residents.

The mayor starts a procedure of mediation with the initiative of the citizens founded in the meantime in order to avoid complaints and delays. The common interest in a favourable transport connexion is confronted with the need for tranquillity and quality of life of the residents. The mediator brings all topics and demands together. His supreme rule: there are no power differences during the procedure of mediation! That means: the municipal authority cooperates and does not apply sovereign pressure. In lieu of that creative solutions are achieved.

Intercultural debates
The cooperation of residents with emigrants, fugitives or a foreign religious community is not always unobstructed. There are anxieties in the game, harassment, the emotions of the involved persons are blown up. Mediation discovers: in reality the conflict mostly circles round different opinions of the house rules or round topics like security and rest periods. The mediator encourages the understanding for the culture and lifestyle of each of the parties concerned - if needed, with the help of an interpreter. The aim is an agreement which is approved by all sides. In reality the results often overshoot the marks further and further away. In a current case tenants, being formerly at odds with each other, organized together a party for the citizens.

Mediation for the environment
We would advise using a mediation for instance before a public licensing procedure or before the implementation of administration regulations. For example the construction of a new motor-way line, the enlargement of an airport or new provisions for the exhaust fumes. Here mediators get parties round the conference table, ecologists, interest groups, and representatives of the economy. Wrong decisions and costly law procedures can be avoided by open discussions. The multitude of the needed information should be exploited profitably and efficiently. The participants can acquire sustainable solutions through the knowledge about each of the arguments and positions.
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