Phase of orientation
First we introduce our clients to the topic "development" and try to get an insight as counsellor into the situation. We stipulate our mutual agreements about the procedure, first aims and the basic conditions by contract.

Initially we inform ourselves about the present status quo. Our clients reach as much as possible comprehension for the individual components of their problem situation by our supporting. At this moment they are able to draft the things they are willing to change. They appoint measures for individual and group targets

Intention for the targets
In the 3rd phase our customers put in concrete form and evaluate their aims of change. As arranged with the management, focal points and with it the direction of the further proceeding will be established.

Planning and management
A coordinated authority, for example a project team with a leader, takes across further planning and managing the steps of change. By this way the development proceeding of the organisation is anchored structurally and personnel in the organisation. The tasks and competences of the coordinating authority are to be clarified in advance.

Information of the total system
We appreciate to inform the whole organisation about the pre-history as well as about current or future activities. This creates transparency and drives the internal discussion by this manner. Further constructive stimulations can flow into the development procedure of the organisation.

The members of the organisation deal with different parts of the aim of the areas. According to the degree of complexity the development of a project structure is needed at a time.

Protection and evaluation
During the proceeding we hold in high regard a regular statement of the location. It is important, to let in time current actual topics, structures and persons involved, flow in.

The persons responsible for the proceedings perform interim controls and evaluations assisted by us. Supervisions of the project groups and individual consulting for executives secure additionally the procedure of that OE-process in the way of consent and suitable for the employees. We recommend also steps to support individual development processes in particular for executives.

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