Mediation supports conflicting parties in muddled situations, where they do not see a way out. It has the purposes below: (the following purp...)

The first main purpose
Mediation wants, first of all, to boost and to foster the quarrelling persons. It encourages them to deal with their own conflicts.

The second main purpose
Mediation will re-establish the communication between alienated people. The neutral mediator teaches the fighting parties how to deal with each other again.

Additionally the mediation aims at...

  • A consensual, binding, convertible, workable regulation for open controversial questions,
  • A solution without losers (win-win-solution)
  • An understanding composure for the interests of each of the other side;
  • A better and more respectful relation to the contracting parties/opponents/adversaries
  • A constructive dealing with conflicts - even those in the future;
  • The ability to undertake responsibility
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