In the beginning of the years of the 1980's coaching developed as an executive style being orientated on the employees. Soon coaching signified more and more the intramural promotion of career in enterprises. Within the years of the 1990's Germany adopted this concept with easy modifications like consulting top managers by external persons. Today different forms of consulting, being psychological based, claim the label "coaching" - coming out of the data-processing-coaching up to the team-coaching with reorganisations in Germany as well as in the USA.

We offer coaching in its original significance

  • for boosting the managers, executives and self-employed
  • for the individual growth inside of professional tasks
  • like a mirror for person and system
  • like an offer of reflection of their own leadership, expectations, motivations,
  • requests of alteration and purposes
  • like a timely limited process for realization of personal aims
  • like a personal and self-responsible method of consulting in order to manage social processes (for example crises)
  • like a combination consisting of individual consulting, supporting to cope with problems, personal feedback and practically orientated training
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